• Boeing Research & Technology-Europe begeht 10-jähriges Jubiläum

    Boeing begeht in diesem Monat das 10-jährige Jubiläum seines europäischen Forschungszentrums, das in Bereichen wie Luftverkehrsmanagement, umweltschonende Energiequellen und -werkstoffe sowie Sicherheit innovative, in Europa entwickelte Ideen hervorgebracht hat, die den Anforderungen der Boeing Kunden rund um die Welt entgegenkommen.

    BR&T-Europe wurde 2002 in Madrid gegründet und umfasst heute ein Team aus 60 Mitarbeiter, darunter 50 hochqualifizierte Ingenieure und Techniker. Es dient als Zentrum eines größeren Boeing Forschungsnetzwerks und arbeitet mit 20 Forschungszentren, 45 Universitäten und mehr als 200 Industriepartnern in- und außerhalb Europas zusammen.

    Im Jahr 2010 erhielt BR&T-Europe das Certificate of European Excellence der European Foundation Quality Management.

    MADRID,  17 Juli 2012 - 

    Boeing [NYSE: BA] this month marks the 10th anniversary of its European research center, which has been successfully creating and matching innovative ideas generated in Europe with the needs of Boeing’s customers around the world in such areas as air traffic management, environmentally progressive energy sources and materials, and safety.

    “With a truly global view, we strive to work with the best technologists in the world so that we can learn from each other and create value for customers and the communities where we work and live,” said Matt Ganz, vice president and general manager of Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T). “BR&T-Europe has been an outstanding example of this. Much has been accomplished during the past 10 years and we are counting on even more innovation in the years ahead.”

    BR&T-Europe was established in Madrid in 2002 and today comprises a team of 60 people, including 50 highly qualified engineers and technicians. It serves as the hub of a larger Boeing research network and works with 20 research centers, 45 universities and more than 200 industry partners inside and outside of Europe.

    “Our primary mission is to connect Boeing with Europe’s talented research-and-development community and the important projects under way here in a mutually beneficial way,” said Francisco Escarti, who has been the managing director of BR&T-Europe since 2004. “We are Europeans who are adding value in Europe, for Europe and for Boeing, as well as the entire aerospace industry.”

    In 2010, BR&T-Europe received the European Foundation Quality Management certificate of European excellence.

    The center is particularly active in the fields of air traffic management, environmentally progressive energy sources and materials, and safety:

    • Air Traffic Management: As a recognized world leader in trajectory technologies research, BR&T-Europe is working to create new technologies that are bringing new opportunities for air traffic management. The BR&T-Europe team has developed Aircraft Intent Description Language (AIDL) that has brought trajectory management to a higher level of readiness; intent inferring technology that gathers full-flight information from limited trajectory data; original guidance laws and associated algorithms; and a powerful simulation toolset.
    • Environmentally progressive energy sources and materials: BR&T-Europe made aviation history in 2008 when it demonstrated for the first time that straight-and-level manned flight using a fuel cell as a sole source of power was possible. Since then, the fuel cell research team at BR&T-Europe has been exploring how fuel cells can power small unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, BR&T-Europe is developing sidewalls for the interior of aircraft that are made from renewable and recyclable sources. Researchers at the center also are creating environmentally progressive coatings and primers for aircraft exteriors. BR&T-Europe’s environmentally progressive research portfolio also includes the development of advanced guidance laws and simulation tools to redesign the airspace for more efficient aircraft landings.
    • Safety and security: BR&T-Europe is actively involved in aircraft safety related research, as evidenced by participation in an advanced European research project (SUPRA) to study the behavior of aircraft and crew under extreme circumstances. The team at BR&T-Europe also is working to develop cyber security applications.

    Boeing has replicated the success of the European center in other regions of world. Since the formation of BR&T-Europe in 2002, similar centers have been created in Australia, China, India, Russia and Brazil.

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