• Boeing Next-Generation 737-900ER erreicht die Marke von 500 Bestellungen

    Boeing hat bekannt gegeben, dass die Next-Generation 737-900ER (Extended Range) diese Woche die Marke von 500 Bestellungen erreicht hat. Bislang liegen dem 737-900ER Modell 537 Bestellungen von 17 Kunden in 10 Ländern vor. Seit Anfang des Jahres 2010 haben sich die Anzahl an Kunden und Bestellungen für die 737-900ER mehr als verdoppelt. Die Mehrheit der Fluggesellschaften, die die 737-900ER gekauft haben, haben auch die 737-800 bestellt, da die 737-Familie Kommunalität und Flexibilität bietet, die es erlaubt, die Leistung an die Nachfrage anzupassen und dabei die Ertragskraft zu maximieren.

    RENTON, Wash.,  06 September 2012 - 

    Boeing's (NYSE: BA) Next-Generation 737-900ER (Extended Range) surpassed 500 orders this week. The milestone was reached when a customer converted its 737-700s to 737-900ERs.

    To date, the 737-900ER has logged 537 orders from 17 customers in 10 countries. Since the beginning of 2010, the 737-900ER has more than doubled the number of its customers and orders. Most airlines that have bought the 737-900ER have also bought the 737-800 because the 737 family provides commonality and flexibility to match capacity to demand while maximizing profits.

    The Next-Generation 737-900ER replaced the larger, single-aisle 757, which ceased production in 2004. The 737-900ER is capable of flying 96 percent of the 757's current routes at a much lower operating cost.

    "Airlines around the world have recognized the superior performance and operating economics of the 737-900ER," said Beverly Wyse, 737 vice president and general manager, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "It offers the best seat-mile cost of any single-aisle airplane in production, which is especially important with today's high fuel prices."

    The 737-900ER has substantial economic advantages over heavier competing models, like the A321, including 8 percent lower trip cost and 6 percent lower per seat-mile cost. The 737-900ER carries a comparable number of passengers 8 percent more efficiently than the A321 and entered into service 8 years after the A321-200. These advantages have enabled the 737-900ER's market acceptance. The growing 737-900ER customer base and orders build the foundation for the 737 MAX 9's market success.

    The 737-900ER is the best way to match the rapidly growing demand of the global aviation market today. The 737-900ER provides 15-20 more seats for more incremental revenue opportunity to complement the 737-800 that many Next-Generation customers already have in their fleet.

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